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Banoffee pie

Easy banoffee pie photos 3

 * 1 stick butter (1 / 2 cup), melted

* 2 large ripe bananas

2 cups heavy cream

* 1 / 8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

* 2 ounces semisweet chocolate, grated

Banoffee Pie Cake Instructions

Pour can of condensed milk in a medium saucepan and simmer for banoffee pie cake recipe about 45 minutes, stirring frequently. Be careful not to burn yourself to be stuck at the bottom of the pan.

Add crushed crackers have a food processor. Pour the melted butter and pulse until it sticks together and Graham crackers be ground. Pour into pastry Graham Cracker 9 inch spring form pan and press with your hands, or 1 cup measurer evenly split on the bottom of the pan. Chill to set for banoffee pie cake about 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

Dulce de leche Pour over the graham cracker base. Evenly distributed. Cut the peeled bananas and arrange on top, covering entire surface. Whip cream until stiff and spread on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and grated chocolate banoffee pie.

Banoffee pie "pastry" Recipe
English Banoffee pie dough, which takes its name from banana and toffee, caramel, what you get, sweetened condensed milk. This is a calorie bomb, usually organized around the base of cookies, slices of banana, milk jam (Dulche de leche), with a healthy dose of cream ... This is even more dramatic, such as clubs and cream toffee, milk chocolate recipe is a layer of ... Trish Desein after your book, I like pie, I (as usual) very suitable proportions and ingredients, but in general, I think that remains true to the spirit of murder ...Ingredients:- 200 g of sand in English (eg, McVities)- 50 g of butter- 1 sweetened condensed milk- 3 bananas (quite large)- Lemon juice (real or bottled)- 200 grams of milk chocolate- CreamMethod of preparation:- The day before, prepare the jam milk, sweetened condensed milk as a result of: bank, which was a small fire, heat in a water bath canned condensed milk, 2 hours * Okay.- Closed book.- Crush cookies, mix them if necessary, and mix with melted butter.- Butter tart tray with removable bottom (it is important to ease the difficult task of service to release ...).- Spread mixture on crackers and edges, press firmly by hand.- Book fridge.- Reduction of banana slices and pour lemon juice so they oxidize.- Place the dough.- Pour milk until well coated banana jam.- Steamers, melted milk chocolate. If necessary, add a little water or milk to get melted chocolate ...- Pour a layer of dulce de leche.- Allow to cool for at least 2 hours, cool to harden.- Just before serving, unmold the cake carefully and put in a bowl and pour cream.Evaluation:- Dulce de Leche 2 hours after cooking is my condensed milk was quite clear. Can we leave a little more, 2:30 such as amber, caramel closer?- I used cream trade, because if I did Banoffee home, he suffered a transport phase before serving. I do not see myself as more clutter that whipped himself (although we did more). Just to clarify, I still recommend Banoffee pie, if you bring a dessert, this is not a recipe that is a trip!- Ready to serve must be delivered quickly so that when cut into pieces, everything disappears and is no longer just about anything! Rate and its level, but I assure you that does not change the taste, by contrast, discerning mix your pleasure!

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